Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tips and Tricks

From AuctionZip Auctioneers:
  • "Make sure your area is not already overloaded with auction companies." - Terry T.
  • "If you have auction companys around you, see what days they are having theirs and have yours on their off days." - Tommy M.
  • "My brother always sees to the convenience,comforts & needs of his bidders. He provides helpful info, explains the layout, and just makes his customers want to come back. Being second generation,he makes everyone feel like part of the family. He's friendly and funny, but maintains a business feeling." - Nancy F.
  • "Be nice and family friendly. Have small concession stand ( people will stay longer). Indoor clean restrooms. Comfortable chairs. Heating and air-conditioning. No smoking. Advertise everywhere and post lots of photos on auction zip. Photos & advertising will get people there. If they are are comfortable, they will stay." - Nancy C.

From AuctionZip Bidders:
  • "Educate yourself on the items you are buying."- Brian W.
  • "Research the auctions and check different websites to compare costs"- Lisa S.
  • "Do not try to run the bid up on someone just for spite. Experienced bidders will know what you are doing." -Kenneth
  • "Gather every bit of subject matter you can. Be confident, and above all be honest!" - Jesse

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